Our Services

To bring brighter days in their darkest days of lives we utilize a public platform with Jesus blessings called “BETHESTHA Charitable Trust” where we bring a difference in people’s lives through our inspirable programs. Our incredible programs and services include…

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Child Care
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Relief Programs
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Community Services
  • Medical Camps
  • Social Camps
  • Bible Training Centers
  • Books Distribution for Poor and Orphanage Children’s
  • Support for Street Children’s
  • Support for Old and Window Women’s
  • Women’s Meetings and Events
  • Girls and Boys Rallies
  • Vocational Training programs for Women’s
  • Industrial Training for Girls and Boys
  • The Haven of Hope Programs

BETHESTHA Charitable Trust is a ministry of Faith, Love, and Affection motivated by the Love of Jesus. We’re open to accepting your generous support! Join us and help the lives for a brighter future.