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To empower and uplift lives of the poor, underprivileged and downtrodden people in the society irrespective of the caste and religion we started a BETHESTA Charitable Trust where we provide various social, medical, educational and vocational programs for the people to be financially stable and independent. This noble endeavor had the blessings of K.M Andrew Paul who is also a partner of the trust and doing service motivated by the love of Christ.

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We delight to make poor, underprivileged and sick people as responsible citizens of the country through education, social, spiritual and skill development activities. We exist to bring Love and Hope to the darker lives of the people to the brighter lives. We share God’s Love to the people who can’t fight themselves through Faith and Hope.


Our vision is to spread the ideals of the Trust and motivate the people to be a part of. We serve the people with the aim of “Service to People is Service to Jesus”.

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